isn’t a book, yet…

But it was inspired by a book, called Kittens are Evil, which we’d like you to know about. It was edited by Charlotte Pell, Rob Wilson and Toby Lowe​ and came out of the ‘Little Heresies’ seminars they run at Newcastle University Business School.

Teething troubles, poor governance, bad apples and unintended consequences are cited as reasons for high-profile failures, such as disability assessments, Universal Credit and the Troubled Families initiative. This book argues that best efforts and poor excuses aren’t good enough. The authors describe how a bad system beats well-meaning individuals every time..” (from the Foreword)

These seminars provide an important public platform to debate the future of public services. The book takes its title from the first seminar, ‘Kittens are Evil’:  to suggest that private sector management methods and policies developed using private sector thinking create perverse incentives and lasting damage to the social fabric is a heresy.

Charlotte, Rob and Toby, the Little Heresies lectures and the Kittens are Evil website are part of the inspiration for this website. Hats off to all of them!

You can purchase Kittens are Evil on the Triarchy Press website here.